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​Welcome to the Blackmoore digital hub where you can check out my various works and creations​.

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My photographic eye is constantly changing and evolving. The way I like to exercise my camera creativity is by experimenting with different themes, set design, locations, light sources, and subjects. I'm always photographing someone or something. On my Photography Page you can check out some of my highlighted collections and see what I see. 

My Photo Blog is where I post full photo sets along with background information about the photos, and personal interviews with many of the models and artists that I collaborate with. I update this blog often, so keep an eye on it for new posts. 

Relax. Prepare your mind. My DREAMAGANDA Gallery features many of my visual creations. These are the creations that would decorate my cathedral walls, telling a story of a time that's both now and later. 

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Specs Spotlight

I was recently contacted by my old educational oasis Specs Howard School of Media Art to be featured on their blog in a Spotlight segment. They did a great job highlighting some of the ventured of my recent past. Check it out by clicking here or the image above. 

I create a lot of 3D art and designs. Many of them require a lot of sculpting, searching, and hunting for the perfect 3D model or texture to use. After a while these models start to get a bit cluttered, so I'm storing them in a 3D Database with project files. You can now access my database inside my private blog!

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Music Video

Press play and experience one of my latest creations! This is an animated music video for the song Persepolis by the band Primal Wound from Oakland California. 

It's All a Game

Here's my latest music project. It's a wonky experimental hip hop EP that uses sound to explain a bit about the complexity of reality. This project is majority instrumental and flows like lava baby!

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View My 360 Visuals on VEER

Temporarily change your environment into one of my surreal virtual ones by checking out my 360 visuals on Veer.tv. 


My latest piece called

The ELOVEATED Room can be seen here:

New Dreamaganda Store

Need some art? Of course you do! Head over to the Blackmoore Store to collect the funk. It's only a click away!



Maybe you'd like something a bit more abstract? Or maybe the 3D thing isn't your vibe? FEAR NOT I have glitch pieces available for purchase in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. 

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Various photos of different people and different things in different places.



Abstract, surreal, and glitchy visuals that will make your day a little better. 


Sounds that often haunt my mind and dreams that are now manifested in reality.


Moving ideas with and without sound.

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Detroit Street Photos

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