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Digital art can finally be sold for digital currency and placed on display in a digital space! NFTs  (Non Fungible Tokens) are the digital manifestation of creations like artwork, event tickets, collectible items, and digital assets. They're a new part of blockchain technology that's quickly making it's way to everyday life. Learn everything about NFT's here.


GiGA is my new online shop where I will be releasing new NFTs and limited edition prints!

I have a growing collection of rare NFT's that can be purchased with Ethereum and displayed in a virtual space, used in a video game, or printed to be used in reality. As time progresses, I will be mailing out physical goods as an add-on to the digital purchases!

My photographic eye is constantly changing and evolving. The way I like to exercise my camera creativity is by experimenting with different themes, set design, locations, light sources, and subjects. I'm always photographing someone or something. On my Photography Page you can check out some of my highlighted collections and see what I see. 

During this crazy year podcasts have been an awesome way to connect with other creatives in both an open and personal way. Check out my chat with Paul Evans on his show The Raw Life where we discuss the highs, lows, and "WTFs?" of life. 

Relax. Prepare your mind. My DREAMAGANDA Gallery features many of my visual creations. These are the creations that would decorate my cathedral walls, telling a story of a time that's both now and later. 

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Specs Spotlight

I was recently contacted by my old educational oasis Specs Howard School of Media Art to be featured on their blog in a Spotlight segment. They did a great job highlighting some of the ventured of my recent past. Check it out by clicking here or the image above. 

Lately I've been obsessed with Cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, crypto art, NFTs, and the metaverse. It all can seem pretty intimidating to get involved with, but it's definitely worth exploring. Press play on this episode of

D-SANe*'s Oakcliff Beach podcast where I explain my first experiences with this digital economic universe. 


Music Video

Press play and experience one of my latest creations! This is an animated music video for the song Persepolis by the band Primal Wound from Oakland California. 

It's All a Game

Here's my latest music project. It's a wonky experimental hip hop EP that uses sound to explain a bit about the complexity of reality. This project is majority instrumental and flows like lava baby!

Download it Now!


I had the pleasure of collaborating with camp IDEATE in creating a bad ass virtual experience for Burning Man VR. Here's a little fly-through of our experience. You can see it for yourself by downloading Altspace VR and following this link!

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Various photos of different people and different things in different places.



Abstract, surreal, and glitchy visuals that will make your day a little better. 


Sounds that often haunt my mind and dreams that are now manifested in reality.


Moving ideas with and without sound.

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