I am Craig Blackmoore, an Artist, Entrepreneur, and Music
Producer from Detroit, MI USA. I'm mostly self-
taught and learn from life experiences, but I did a bit of time at Specs Howard
School of Media Arts and graduated from their
Digital Media Arts program. I also did some time at College for Creative Studies in their Photography program.
My work has been featured in a good amount of art related events and
exhibitions around the U.S. and the Internet. A few are listed below.

In the visual world I've been creating things with pen and paper

since I was a young child. Honestly, I don't think I have ever went a week without creating something. In 2009 I shifted over to photography and video.

Around 2012 I began experimenting with odd and unconventional methods of visual art creation

 and digital media manipulation.


Lately I've been focusing on custom commission work and
creating something I like to call DREAMAGANDA which is art that promotes a message about an individual's control over reality in the form of surreal 3D images and environments, odd animated shorts, Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences, Music, and digital media experimentation. I'm also working on discovering and utilizing new and interesting methods of glitching images into abstract forms that can be layered and manipulated
into strange compositions that please, or bring great discomfort to, my mind. 


I've also been exploring creation with physical mediums and have been making polymer clay figures, plaster sculptures and molds, painted objects, jewelry out of metal and precious stones, and hand transferring my glitch portraits to industrial-grade metal plates and objects. My goal is to find that harmonious middle ground where I am using both digital and physical mediums to create on a regular basis. So far so good. 

In the realm of Music Production, I started writing lyrics to song instrumentals

when I was in 3rd grade. In 2007, when I was around 16, I started recording

some of my lyrics and released the mixtapes The Drowsee Mastermind I & II.

In 2008 I started experimenting with music production and created the

electronic music persona Sir Reel Epix, while recording vocals for other

producers under the names Craig Blackmoore and KDA.

In 2010 I dropped the hip hop focus and became the experimental musician and 

producer Blackmoore5050, while I focused on writing and

recording verses a for various producers and artists.


More recently in music I go by my name Craig Blackmoore or Blackmoore.

My focus has been around experimenting with creative

compositions consisting of non-traditional instruments, sounds, and tuning;

while writing and recording vocals that focus on my personal ideology and style.
I've spent quite a few years working with glitch and artifacts of imperfection as instruments and
textures within my music, so now I'm blending that experience

with my other abilities to create new compositions. 

In 2014 I started an internet based Record Label called Kaleidoscopic Label. Our goal was to dig through society to find unique, creative, underrated, and experimental musicians and artists to collaborate with on physical events that were often in odd places with little rules and regulations. We had signed acts that released music through our platform either for free through our net label division or as a paid release through online platforms. 

Currently Kaleidoscopic Label is inactive

but the work will continue in new ways through new identities. 

In 2018 I began creating jewelry under the guidance of Citrine LaCroix which inspired me to dedicate a lot of time to a jewelry making and gem hunting experience that's both spiritually and physically fulfilling. Citrine and I have launched a collaborative brand called SmokeyCitrine where we sell limited jewelry and lifestyle products. Each piece is hand made with crystals, gemstones, and metals that are acquired and handled with care from different parts of the globe. As this experience continues I will be traveling wherever I can to mine for gemstones and metals myself.

Who knows what I will get into next. 

Stay tuned...

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