House of Blackmoore is a Digital Art House presenting works and creative services done by Artist Craig Blackmoore. My primary goal is to bridge gaps between physical and digital realities by creating unique experiences that make exploring new technology fun. 

I am a True Digital Artist, Technology Enthusiast, Musician, Gemologist, and Metaverse Explorer with a passion for creating new multisensory experiences that can enhance our collective reality. I also love to just create and experiment with different methods of making art. A True Digital Artist is someone who's medium can span all across the digital creative spectrum. That means I can utilize a blend of hand drawing, 3D rendering, math-based generators, coding elements, XR, and limitless levels digital experimentation in my creative process.

The GiGAverse Project is one of my projects in progress. The future of the internet goes far beyond 2D webpages with simple text and images floating neatly in stylized tables. WebXR is here and now you can go on a unique adventure right from your mobile, Oculus, or desktop browsers. Now you're able to click a web link and play a game, visit someplace new, make a new friend, run a business, collaborate, or just create freely all in a 3D immersive world. With the GiGAverse I will be developing my own little experimental metaverse based on art, exploration, unique experiences, and simple accessible technology. My goal is to create a place where anyone could go to give their mind a jolt of wonder and inspiration without ever having to leave their current physical space. A trip to an art gallery district would only be a click away. 



DAMNED VIII @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI 



DIRTY SHOW 17 @ Russel Industrial Center - Detroit MI 

//ENTER. @ Jam Handy - Detroit MI 


MUSEUM OF VIRTUAL ART @ nicholaszhu.com/mova.html

ANIMAL PARTY @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI

LAYERS @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI 


DIRTY SHOW 18 @ Russel Industrial Center - Detroit MI

MUSEUM OF VIRTUAL ART II @ parallaxvisions.itch.io

BLOCKED ART @ blockedart.com

SUBREALITY @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI

SunnySide @ www.sunnyside.house 

COALESCENSE @ Spaulding Court - Detroit MI 

DAMNED X @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI 


DEARBORN GALLERY RALLY @ City Hall ArtSpace Lofts - Dearborn

HARMONY: The Cosmic Connection @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI

Good Do-Up Art Collective @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI 

Monster Drawing Rally @ Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit - Detroit MI

Future Dream Detroit @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI


The FUNKtion @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI


Monster Drawing Rally @ Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit - Detroit MI

COVID-19 #LOCKDOWNEXHIBITION @ Instagram - Worldwide

BLACK ROCK CITY vr - IDEATE (Virtual Burning Man) @ AltSpace

Inquiry Inc.[2019/20]: #pivilion_dot_net @ The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale

Burning Voxels @ Tokyo Crypto Hub / NFT.BLACK / - CryptoVoxel

Lightbox Live Presents: CREATIVE CODE ART FESTIVAL @ Lightbox New York, NY

Beyond Provenance: Black Speculative Futures on the Blockchain @ CryptoVoxel


GRAVITY Skate Competition @ Geary Park - Ferndale MI

Lighthouse Immersive Artist in Residence  @ Lighthouse Art Space - Detroit, MI

Glitch Art is Dead @ Granite Area Arts Council - Granite Falls, MN

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Interviews and Podcast Features

I love to speak on a variety of subjects and topics. Take a peek at some of the podcasts and featurettes that I've been a part of.

The Emanuel Show Interview

Tap Detroit Radio Interview with Dj Dos Lopez

Podcast Interview with D-Sane8 about NFT's and CryptoArt

Podcast Interview on Babs Lyfe where we talk about Religion, Digital Art, and the Metaverse.

Lowkey Giant's ROCK THE BLOCK

Host Jon Block and I dive into into my history as an artist, how I came across this new creative technology, and what I think will happen with it in the future. 

I'm The Villain Podcast w/ Isabel Knight and Deondre Jones

Here we chat creatively about AI, the future of art, technology, and government.

Reality Tell Your Vision Interview with Leo Ayrault

Detroit Action Craig Blackmoore feature.

Podcast Interview on The Raw Life with Paul Evans about Life Experiences.

DAOdrops Season 2 kicked off with a dope interview and NFT release on NEAR Protocol by Craig Blackmoore. 

Think Digital Futures w/ Julia Carr-Catzel

We spoke a bit about NFTs and a few of the ways that creative blockchain technology is changing the way we all think about art and collectibles

The History Voyager is a podcast by journalist Ben Kitchings. In this episode we talk casually about Crypto, the pandemic, AI, and Blockchain.