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Custom Cover Art

Need some cover visuals for your upcoming music or publication release? I got you covered (pun intended)! I can render an eye-catching 3D or Glitch image fit for your project.


Quality, unique, and attention grabbing cover art is important for a successful project release. Good cover art enhances the viewers experience, adds visual representation to your project, attracts more viewers which results in increased sales. 


Tell me about your vision

I can create a unique eye catching cover that's perfect for your release. Cover designs can come with a minimum resolution of 2000 x 2000px and a commercial license.

The 3D design will be in my creative style and consist of multiple objects in an environment that fits the aesthetic of your project. The Glitch design will be a complex glitch design of whatever photo you like. 

Fill out the form with details on what you would like on your cover and I will respond as soon as possible. Make sure you include links to samples of your music project so I can vibe out and create. 

Thanks! Message sent. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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