Welcome to the House of Blackmoore Art Metaverse Project.

Take some time to be teleported someplace new! Browse the available locations below. All you need to view experience these virtual spaces is your a good web browser on your phone, PC, or Oculus Quest. 


The Temple

A Virtual Gallery displaying NFT Artworks hosted on Hic et nunc, a platform hosted on Tezos

The Two-D Token Vault

A special vault containing Blackmoore's first collection of hand-drawn NFTs minted to various blockchains


If crazy was a place, this would be it.

Coming Soon!!


A gallery hosted on the Ethereum Network

highlighting various high-end NFTs by Blackmoore. This space is located in the ONE/OFF district.

The House of Blackmoore GiGAverse

is an Art Metaverse experiment designed to bridge the gap between digital and physical realities. My idea is to build somewhat of a virtual amusement part with a variety of galleries, experiences, virtual shops, and games. My plan is to make all of my virtual experiences easily accessible and easy to load on all devices without much processing power or additional downloads. 

Currently I'm building my spaces using a variety of platforms to figure out which works best for me and keep things interesting graphically. The majority of my exhibits are hosted on Mozilla Hubs. One space is hosted on Cryptovoxels, a metaverse built on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

To buy art and virtual good in The GiGAverse you'll need cryptocurrency, specifically Tezos and ETH. All of the art here is available as NFTs minted to a variety of platforms. Visit My Blog to check out which exhibitions are currently available. To learn how to use the Mozilla interface, check out this guide. To learn how to use the Cryptovoxels interface, check out this guide