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World of 23

The World of 23 is my latest art universe-in-progress. It features my digital illustrations, comics, 2D animations, stickers, and poster art. The overall inspiration for this project is CHAOS and all of it's lovely and not-so-lovely elements. It's a project in the making, so you can check out progress and what I've made so far here. This page will be updated often.

Welcome to the world of 23 - where chaos, satire, and a splash of color come together to create a wild ride through my imagination. This collection of 2D illustrations, comics, and animations is a reflection of the wacky, sexual, toxic, and drug-induced world that unfortunately we all know too well.


In this world, you'll find satirical subjects, fun characters from niche corners of pop culture, and beautiful goddesses that are unlike anything you've ever seen. With a focus on bright, bold colors, each piece is designed to grab your attention and leave a lasting impression.

Poster Art

The 23 Gallery

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