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Let's Shoot

Welcome to my photography booking page! Take a look at my available offers and select the one that works best for you. Each button will redirect you to a form where you can tell me all the details about your idea. After you fill that out, I will contact you directly with to sort out details, scheduling, and payment. All prices are variable and can change at anytime, so lock in a slot while you can!

The following prices are for those who are local to the Metro Detroit area only. If you are not in the Metro Detroit area, contact me with your inquiry. I travel!

Available Photography Services

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In-Studio or On-Location Session.

Perfect for special occasions, personal portraits, modeling portfolios, promotional photos, and professional portraits. 


- All unedited photos from the session. -

- 5-8 of your favorite shots edited. -

1 hour minimum*


In-Studio or On-Location Session

Perfect for shooting entire fashion lines, multiple subjects, 3+ looks, large production projects, or multiple locations.


- All unedited photos from the session. -

- 5-15 of your favorite shots edited. -

Can be split into 2 sessions max*

$50 Head Shots

In-Studio Only

Come by my space for about 30 minutes and leave with professional head shots! Perfect for professional promotional material, corporate media, agency representation, and casting opportunities. 


- All unedited photos from the session. -

Edits are $5 per photo

If you're looking for BIGGER RESULTS then you have to think BIGGER PRODUCTION. I've been in the business of creating high quality content and directing large production projects for over 10 years. I possess the skills, knowledge, and ability to deliver top of the line multimedia content at prices that beat hiring and paying a creative department. I spend most of my active hours networking and building an immaculate multifaceted professional team that I can work with to make your project extraordinary. If you are a professional in need of a media, booking, or marketing department contact me to see how I can help you. 

I put together a few concept media packages below that would be

useful to professionals of all sorts.

Executive Package

Perfect for the Corporate Professional

Me and an assistant will come with our equipment to your office, or work environment for a 2 hour session where we will shoot professional head shots, environmental portraits of you around your work space in action with coworkers/colleagues/etc. We will also shoot a 20-60 second promotional video for you to use wherever you like.

In the end you will recieve:

- All unedited High Res photos from the session. -

- 5 favorite shots edited. -

- Unedited HD promotional video clip -

- Web optimized photos for easy sharing -

Modeling Booster Package

Perfect pump to your Modeling Career

This comes with a 2 hour in-studio or on-location session with as many looks as you can fit within the time frame. My main goal will be to get diverse eye-catching photographs from a variety of perspectives and angles. I will also have an assistant present to shoot HD behind-the-scenes footage of the process. After the shoot, I will compile an edited set and submit them to a network of suitable blogs and magazines*. I will also include a custom comp card design featuring a variety of images from this session. 

In the end you will recieve:

- All unedited High Res photos from the session. -

- 5-8 favorite shots edited. As well as edits submitted to publications-

- unedited HD behind-the-scenes video clips-

- A list of publications, blogs, and websites where the photos were *submitted. -

- A High Res JPEG of the Comp Card design. -

*I will submit the photos and use all of my wit and charm but I can't guarantee that the publications will accept and actually publish them. *

Headliner's Special

Perfect for the Headliner and Centerfold

This package is fit for a boss level performer or superstar in training. Included is a 3 hour photo session with as many looks as you can fit within the time block, 10 retouched magazine cover quality images, edited PNG with transparent background for club flyers/promotional material, and an edited 20-60 second promo video with behind-the-scenes clips, a brief interview, social media links, and back ground song of choice.

In the end you will recieve:

- All unedited High Res photos from the session. -

- 10 retouched cover quality images. -

- unedited HD behind-the-scenes video clips. -

- edited 20-60sec promo video. -

- transparent PNG image for flyers and promo material. -

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