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Welcome to my blog about things that I do, see, think, feel, believe, and manifest. It started out as a photo blog where I would post some of my favorite shots from photo sessions. Now it's my place to connect and reflect. 

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Aura Morgana: Elegance with a Hint of Darkness | Interview and Photo Set

Working with Aura was like a breath of bad ass fresh air. She was very calm, cool, friendly, and knowledgeable when it came to posing and the angles of her own body. She's a canvas for permanent intricate artwork and can pose in a way to show you every detail. This was our first collaboration of what I hope to be many. She can be seen here wearing custom jewelry by Citrine LaCroix (Citrine Tangerine) and some pieces by me. After our shoot Aura was cool enough to do a little interview to give the world a closer look into her mind. How long have you been modeling and what made you want to get into it? 1 year. My sister and best friend have been encouraging me to pursue modeling for years - I h

Ryanna Kauwe Detroit's Treasure - Interview and Photo Set

This is a photo set from Ryanna and I's first time working together. We infiltrated Detroit's historic Russel Industrial Center and found a few interesting rooms to use. One had some anti "New Detroit" and anti RIC messages that seemed like the perfect contrasting backdrop for someone with the elegance of Ryanna. After the shoot, Ryanna was awesome enough to do an interview that will tell the world a little about herself. How long have you been modeling and what made you want to get into it? Three years, I did a shoot for a lady for a flyer with my best friend and after all the years of being told I should model. I finally wanted to model. From the experience, the drive, the focus, the passi

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