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Welcome to my blog about things that I do, see, think, feel, believe, and manifest. It started out as a photo blog where I would post some of my favorite shots from photo sessions. Now it's my place to connect and reflect. 

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Rough Elegance - Photo session and interview with Dionte

These are shots from a recent photo session with Dionte (@tom__4it), an awesome model from Detroit, MI. His confidence and edginess shined bright through his posing style and personal fashion, even on a set designed to be dark. All clothing in this set are from his personal collection. All jewelry are handmade designs by Citrine Tangerine and I. Some of the Jewelry can be found in HelioVista or Citrine's Store. Check out this interview to learn a bit more about Dionte. How long have you been modeling and what made you want to get into it? For 7 years off and on. A photographer reached out to me in instagram and i said why not. What's your favorite kind of modeling? Is there any kind you wish

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