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A collection of photographs taken while wandering around outside in various places.

Industrial Zone

A collection of photographs taken while roaming an industrial complex in Detroit. Featuring Cy, Nicki Cheri, Citrine LaCroix, and Ryanna Kauwe. Contains mild nudity.

Extra! Extra!

This collection features intimate portraits of Creatives posing while surrounded by News.

The idea for this set stems from my obsession with

busy patterned backdrops. Featuring Kirsten Beatty, Sarah S., and Kellie L.

Patterns & Paisley

In this collection I photograph portraits of various Creatives on a set created with different patterned fabrics that have been collected from different people and places. Featuring Aura Morgana, Citrine LaCroix, Sarah S., Lexi Nicole, Megan, Dionte, Ashley T., and Kellie L. Contains mild nudity.

Citrine Tangerine &
Red Period Co.

Photo session at Detroit Eastern Market for fashion brands Citrine Tangerine and Red Period Co.

Detroit MI
2012 - 2013

Photos taken while strolling through Detroit during the

early 2010's.


Take a deeper look into my photo collections by gaining access to my private blog. Here you will be able to view full uncensored sets, behind the scenes content, model videos, and more. Check it out!


Contains Mild Nudity

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