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Ryanna Kauwe Detroit's Treasure - Interview and Photo Set

This is a photo set from Ryanna and I's first time working together. We infiltrated Detroit's historic Russel Industrial Center and found a few interesting rooms to use. One had some anti "New Detroit" and anti RIC messages that seemed like the perfect contrasting backdrop for someone with the elegance of Ryanna.

After the shoot, Ryanna was awesome enough to do an interview that will tell the world a little about herself.

How long have you been modeling and what made you want to get into it?

Three years, I did a shoot for a lady for a flyer with my best friend and after all the years of being told I should model. I finally wanted to model. From the experience, the drive, the focus, the passion it gave me in one single photo shoot.

What's your favorite kind of modeling? Is there any kind you wish to try?

I don't really have a favorite kind and what I enjoy is doing a variety, depending on the photographer. I really enjoy glamour and high fashion. Glamour challenges you to know your body, feel you in your body, in confidence. While high fashion gives you a dream, a concept to feel and think about and portray I feel anyways. It gives you a different mindset of confidence as you have to make it.

Do you have any advice for new models or people interested in giving modeling a try?

Be yourself. Be kind. Be on time. Be compassionate in your work. Nothing makes it until hard work is achieved. Never stop fighting for it if you love it. There is always someone's world you can change with just a glimpse of your art, of your picture, of your life, of your confidence. Make a difference.

What do you do for a living other than modeling, or is modeling your full time gig?

I am an administrative assistant for a salon full time.

What do you hope to accomplish with modeling?

I don't hope to be famous, as fame is overpriced. I only hope to make a difference. To show those who have a dream, that it can be achieved. For people who have nothing, or came from very little of something, only you can stop you. I hope to portray a strong symbol to womanhood and to show that our bodies are not meant to only compliment a man's eye, but to show confidence without a woman's voice.

Do you pose nude? Were you always open to posing nude? What made you want to pose nude?

I do implied never nude. I believe that it's classy and sexier to leave something for the imagination.

Are you treated differently by family and old friends because of your public image? Do people assume things about you because of the kind of work you do?

Sometimes. I find myself in a circle of people who are happy for my work, but envy me for it too. It takes a lot of confidence and strength to be able to take the nasty messages, and hateful comments from both men and women. The fact that I withstand it and stay smiling, that's what I feel people envy. I feel people can assume a lot of things from my work, but I feel if they follow my work even while they are assuming my name is still being seen. To my close family and friends who have supported me since day one, I have so much love for them and always will no matter where my career takes me they will always be in my heart with me.

What's your favorite thing about yourself?

I am confident. Whether I have people supporting me or not. I'm am confident in my own skin, my own thoughts, my own body, even on my uneasy days I always catch myself back to the top. I don't give up. Even when I feel weak I am strong, because I can stand alone.


Hair and Make up by Ryanna

Jewelry by Citrine Lacroix

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