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'Exploring the Metaverse' New Series on YouTube

So much is happening in the seemingly limitless digital universe. Connecting with communities from around the globe is old news. So many of us have internet friends that we communicate with regularly even though we may have never even met in person. Thanks to the current pandemic, everyone had to get a bit more acquainted with digital collaboration and comradery. Cryptocurrency and digital assets are officially a thing now and more people are familiarizing themselves with the new virtual economy. We are now deep within the world of digital communication, VR, and AR and because of that, the world is in the perfect condition for a real Metaverse to grow and thrive.

According to Wikipedia "The Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space including the sum of all virtual worlds and the Internet. It may contain derivatives or copies of the real world, but it is distinct from augmented reality." It's similar to a video game but instead of everything being "just a game", different communities and virtual economies can form and develop into something massive. With webXR, everyone can access different metaverses right from their internet browsers. You can literally click a link and teleport into a new digital world.

I'm in the process of developing my own little corner of the metaverse, but in the mean time I'm doing a bit of research, development, and exploration. Join me as I explore different corners and elements of the developing metaverse!

In the first episode of Exploring the Metaverse with Craig Blackmoore, I explore a few NFT marketplaces over live stream. Some episodes will be pre-recorded and edited and some will be livestreamed. NFTs are Non Fungible Tokens minted to a blockchain. over the last 2 years these controversial digital assets have been a monumental way for artists to earn funds and creatives to collaborate. This technology opens the door for decentralized organizing, monetization, and ownership in the metaverse. In this series we will be focusing a lot on NFTs and the Crypto Metaverse, but not entirely. Sit back, grab a snack, and press play on Episode 1 of Exploring the Metaverse with Craig Blackmoore!

In Episode 1 of Explore the Metaverse with Craig Blackmoore we take a look at the recently minted art on NFT Showroom, Hic Et Nunc, and Ghost Market.

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