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How to Promote your NFT Project

So you've minted your first NFT. Now what? My inbox has been blowing up these last few weeks full of questions by creators entering the cryptoart game. One question that I get at least twice a day is, "How do I promote my NFT?" Well, how do you typically promote your art?

If you're use to promoting new releases across the internet then some of these tips may seem familiar. The news about NFTs is spreading fast so soon you won't have to seek out a specific crowd because everyone will at least have an idea of what NFTs are; but until that happens, you will have be on the right platforms, interact with the right kind of people, and get creative with how you promote yourself. Now these tips are not going to guarantee you sales but they will help you get comfortable in the community and build an identity around yourself and your NFT project.

Let's get to it!


I've had a Twitter for years but I never really used it until I entered the NFT space. (follow me on Twitter) In the past it just wasn't really my thing. Now I'm on Twitter more than any other social media app. If this industry were a city, Twitter would be Main St. If you're following the right people you will hear about everything happening in crypto and NFTs first. New art drops? New platforms to try? New sales opportunities? Twitter sees it first. The first thing you should do to promote your NFT project is dust off your Twitter account and start stalking the #NFT feed. Follow anyone who seems to know what's going on. Browse the many artworks, 'like' what you're attracted to, comment a few kind words, and repost for bonus points. Community interaction and support is everything in the NFT world. If you're an asshole, it may resonate with some people but for the most part you will be left alone. Collectors are lurking everywhere so be yourself and attract good attention. Many of the artists are also collectors, so someone you're supporting with a comment could potentially support you with a sale. Once you follow a good amount of artists, bloggers, and platforms you will be pretty tapped in to the pulse of it all. (Don't forget to follow me!)


Discord is another platform that I rarely used before entering the wonderful world of NFTs. I was a part of a few video game servers, but I didn't even have the app installed on my phone. After exploring crypto Twitter you will notice that many of the platforms have discord links. Another level of the community lives within these discord servers. This is where discussions take place, events are streamed, calls are set up, new projects are promoted, problems get solved, and new ideas manifest. Check out as many servers as you can and engage with the community. Share your art, discuss ideas, and make some friends. Getting pretty personal will go a longer way than just spamming links everywhere.

Metaverse Events

There is a crypto metaverse that is quite alive and very vibrant. The two most popular spaces are Cryptovoxels and Decentraland. In these worlds there are buildings owned by NFT collectors and creators where they show off their collection, run virtual venues, congregate for some social fun, or gather for events and exhibitions. Both of these platforms are accessible through desktop browsers with no additional download needed. Cryptovoxels can be accessed by both mobile and desktop browsers and is personally one of my places to hang and browse art. Decentraland has a really awesome look and feel to it. There you will be able to find some really cool mini games, crazy digital architecture, some pretty fun concerts, and a ton of art. They both have completely different looks and feels that will keep you virtual exploration random and exciting. You can find out about different events happening in world on their twitter pages and Discord servers.

Aside from the crypto metaverse there are also numerous events pertaining to NFTs in virtual worlds like AltspaceVR and in various spaces built on Mozilla Hubs. These events are usually pretty niche and attract many collectors that are determined to buy something new. I always find out about these events randomly through Twitter. You can follow both accounts on there to tap in to what they have going on.

Conversation & Collaboration

One of the best ways to promote yourself in the world of NFTs is through simple conversation. Join in on open Twitter discussions, speak your creative mind in Discord channels, attend calls and streaming parties, stick around in group chats. Try to build or join a small community and you could create, or learn about, new opportunities to display your work. Also make sure you download the Telegram chat app. A lot of group chats exist there and it eases phone connection between international creators. I use it all the time to call and message colleagues from over seas.

Collabs are a classic way to promote your skills and abilities. After establishing yourself as an artist in the crypto space, reach other to other artists for collaborations. This will open you both up to new audiences and could potentially end up being something big. I'm not totally sure if it exists yet but soon you should be able to mint NFTs that can automatically split between wallets. Some collaborations won't necessarily be monetarily profitable, but reaching larger audiences and appearing next to new names could be very profitable in the long run.

Becoming a Collector

One of the most effective ways to get recognized is by being a collector of good NFTs. Many artists like to broadcast their sales over their blogs and social channels and it exposes your name to a different audience. Artists also like to promote their projects to collectors and it could introduce you to new groups and promotional channels. Collectors are really important to this industry and you don't have to spend much to get your collection started. Collecting and reselling art in the secondary market could also help you generate funds for future projects!

Use your Own Channels

NFTs are a new and exciting thing and new people are joining the market everyday. Promote your NFT projects the same way you would promote your typical projects to show your supporters that you are now in the game and to inspire new collectors that want your work to join. Update your website to include a short step-by-step guide on how to collect your NFTs. Plan campaigns around promoting your project and prepare previews, trailers, and announcements to put out a few days before your drop. When you drop your project sales may be slow but don't give up. Keep promoting and keep creating!


If you try all of these basic NFT marketing moves, you'll definitely see some sort of attention from within the space. During the process you could also find different communities and groups that you feel right at home in. Every week it seems something new is happening with NFTs, so be fluid and prepare to try new platforms and marketing methods. Stay creative with it.

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