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Stone and Ore: Metaverse Sculpture Collection by Blackmoore

The Metaverse is a thing now and I want to help make it a bit more than what we're use to in physical reality.

So the Metaverse... what do you imagine when you think of the Metaverse? Whatever it is you're imagining, if you like it then I hope the Metaverse has plenty of it. If you hate what you're imagining then I hope there's as little of that as possible. What imagine is a virtual void. A blank canvas with no rules and few boundaries that's just waiting to be decorated and designed by minds from everywhere. I imagine that some of the metaverse will resemble what we see on a daily bases IRL (in real life): storefronts, shopping malls, virtual offices, virtual meeting spaces, and the occasional mini game. There's always going to be some of that, normies need their playground too. I also imagine weird exhibits, odd new structures to explore, random relics to see, giant sculptures, odd avatars controlled by strange people, fun games to play with friends, things that defy physics and bend the realities that we are use to. This isn't a new idea, but the attention it's receiving is brand new and I want to use my imagination to create my own Disneyworld-type of experience!

The Stone & Ore collection

is one of the ways that I want to spread my ideas across the Metaverse while raising funds to build my own metaverse experiences. In this collection I plan to release large sculptures, structures, and relics that can add value and style to the Metaverse skyline! All of the sculptures will be available as an NFT in .glb or .fbx format. They could be found currently on the Ethereum Blockchain via and eventually on Tezos. Only one edition of each sculpture will be minted so if you like it grab it before it's gone!

Coming Soon: The Collection Gallery

In my experimental GiGAverse I'm creating my own mini metaverse experiences in preparation for "the big one". Coming soon is the Stone & Ore gallery where you'll be able to pop on the VR goggles (or click a link on your phones/pc) and explore these sculptures and relics in an immersive way! With this experience you can see a piece before you collect it. It'll be like a virtual showroom.

Check the collection out Here

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