Art Call

Greetings Creators. 

2016 is almost over and we have come so far. We can fly to new planets, build autonomous beings with artificial intelligence, and prepare entire meals that are customized to your liking in under 7 minutes. All of these things and more help to make our experiences a little more interesting, however we still feel too contained and limited. The monotonous tasks that consume our precious time along with ridiculous social constraints are keeping us contained. How do we escape?

This is a Call for Art that shows your vision of what it would be like in a reality where everyone is free. What could our future be like if we can all find a way to escape this current reality? Or you can give us a closer look at the results of this current reality. What damage has been, and is in progress of being, done to our lives because of control, judgement, and limitations? 

Submit your Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs, Printed Digital Creations, Glitches, Abstractions, Collages, and Performance pieces for a chance to have your work displayed at our upcoming experience titled ESCAPE on 11.4.16 in Detroit, MI. 

You can submit up to 4 Pieces by sending:

4 JPEG images along with

First and Last Name,

Artist Name,

dimensions, estimated weight,

and a brief statement about each piece


The cost of submission is only $7








Submission Deadline: 10/29/16 11:59pm

Acceptance Notification and information:  10/30/16 via email

We take 0% from any Art Sales. You made it, You sell it, You prosper.

Submission Payment

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