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My virtual gallery space inside of Cryptovoxels, a virtual world built on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

Digital art can finally be sold for digital currency and placed on display in a digital space! NFTs  (Non Fungible Tokens) are the digital manifestation of creations like artwork, event tickets, collectible items, and digital assets. They're a new part of blockchain technology that's quickly making it's way to everyday life. Learn everything about NFT's here.


GiGA is my new online gateway where I will be releasing new NFTs, collectible artworks, and access to virtual events, exhibitions, and installations inside of the digital Metaverse. I have a growing collection of rare NFT's that can be purchased with Ethereum and displayed in various virtual spaces, used in video games, or printed to be used in reality. 


My photographic eye is constantly changing and evolving. The way I like to exercise my camera creativity is by experimenting with different themes, set design, locations, light sources, and subjects. I'm always photographing someone or something. On my Photography Page you can check out some of my highlighted collections and see what I see. 

Extra! Extra!
Extra! Extra!

Kirstin from the collection Extra! Extra!

Industrial Zone
Industrial Zone

Citrine from the collection Industrial Zone

Detroit Street Photos
Detroit Street Photos

Extra! Extra!
Extra! Extra!

Kirstin from the collection Extra! Extra!

Think: Digital Futures

I recently appeared on an episode of

Think: Digital Futures, a news podcast hosted by Julia Carr-Catzel of SBS News Australia. We spoke a bit about NFTs and a few of the ways that creative blockchain technology is changing the way we all think about art and collectibles. 

Relax. Prepare your mind. My DREAMAGANDA Gallery features many of my visual creations. These are the creations that would decorate my cathedral walls, telling a story of a time that's both now and later. 

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Coming Soon - The Temple Void
VR Hic et Nunc NFT Gallery

Opening soon is a new addition to the growing House of Blackmoore Metaverse.

The Temple Void is a VR art gallery featuring NFT artworks I've collected from the platform Hic et Nunc, built on the Tezos Blockchain. 

The gallery will be accessible via desktop, mobile, and VR browsers with no download necessary. 

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Various photos of different people and different things in different places.



Abstract, surreal, and glitchy visuals that will make your day a little better. 


Sounds that often haunt my mind and dreams that are now manifested in reality.


Moving ideas with and without sound.