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I Talked Creative AI with Christian Reeve

I recently had the honor of being a guest on Christian Reeve's podcast! In this episode we talked about AI art, AI articles, and the potential it has on our reality. It was a great conversation where we dug pretty deep on the subject. Sit back and press play to take a listen to the conversation!

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Reddit is Stealing a F*** Ton of your Data

If you're an Android user Reddit and a variety of other apps are stealing a ton of your data and sending it to third-parties. Info like your phone make and model, unique identifiers, email addresses, GPS coordinates, gender info, etc are all being delivered to a variety of companies that you may have never even heard of. Big tech companies are always in the news and in court for these kinds of things so we all should be aware that something like this is happening behind the scenes on apps, especially ones that are “free”, but what blew my mind was the amount of times the apps actually attempt to access our info and how many third-party apps this info is being sent to.

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New Blackmoore Animation : 'Bent' by Peter Piek ft Denitia

I recently had the pleasure of directing and animating a music video for German Artist Peter Piek. The animation was for the song 'Bent' featuring the talented singer Denitia. To me it's a smooth trippy song that makes me feel as if I'm floating through a frozen place where stories are in progress around me, so I made the music video reflect that feeling. Sit back and take a quick trip through this piece!

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Crypto Scams to Watch Out for

 So many new investors and users entered the world of blockchain without realizing they were stepping into virtually autonomous territory. The deep web is the wild west of the internet and this is all a mature and publicized version of it's economics. This means that much of the safety precautions you would take on the deep web... or you took on pre-2009 internet, needs to be closely resembled when working with crypto, web3, and blockchain. Phishing, malicious downloads, bots skimming info about your identity, dirty nodes, faulty code, and con-artistry is all very alive and thriving in this minimally regulated zone. I can't protect you. Your computers can't protect you. Coinbase will not protect you. You have to protect yourself in this wild world of +300% investments and pump n' dumps that could take you're dreams away in seconds.

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Blackmoore's TWO-D Token Vault

Update: The TWO-D Token Vault was a metaverse experiment done by Craig Blackmoore in 2021 where you can explore a VR gallery featuring Blackmoore's artwork. The vault was tied to a blockchain token collector's game that is no longer active however the virtual gallery is still open for exploration.

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Coming Soon...

After about 12 years with my past website host, they raised the price 3x so I made this fresh new website on a new host. Because of that, some features from my original site have not quite made the migration to this new one.


Coming soon to this new site:

  • Private Blog (old members will be added)
  • Video Gallery