Fibr-Optix Publishing

An Experimental Publishing Project

Fibr-Optix Publishing is my new creative outlet where I share bits of my imagination and inspirations via "archaic" methods that are much more fun to experience compared to algorithmic social media feeds.


God I hate social media feeds so much...


Here you can find limited edition zines, Digital Content (like visual packs for VJs), physical books, ebooks, cassette tapes, & CDs.

Much of this material is for mature 18+ audiences only. There isn't necessarily adult themed material in every release but I don't typically make or curate things for children and have no plans to censor adult themes, profanity, or nudity in any Fibr-Optix Release... Unless it's like a TV show or book that will be in public libraries or something.


Currently there are no releases but this will change soon. My goal is to drop a zine at least every 2 months, a cassette every quarter, and a visual pack by summer 2024.

Creative Submissions

If you are an artist and would like to be notified about submission calls and project releases, Please leave your email here. I'll reach out when the art call opens. Typically I'm looking for visual art, photography, poetry, short stories, comics, or themed submissions.