DREAMAGANDA is Dream Induced Propaganda that both warns us of our pending doom and congratulates us for using our advanced intelligence in a pretty sad, but impressive way. We are Humans, the only life-form with an ability to create customized pleasure-filled vibrant worlds, heal the sick, and save every species from evil. And we choose to use our technology to shallowly modify ourselves and compete in every possible way.

Happiness is just a purchase away and everyone is selling the remedy! 

My intention with DREAMAGANDA is to show everyone the beauty that we are, we have, we create

in a duet with the destruction that we are, we have, and we create. 


Not saying that destruction is bad... we all need a little bit of that from time to time.



A lot of my work takes place in a futuristic reality where machines call the shots and design the reality that humans experience. In order to empower the humans and keep morale and motivation high, the machines (who are now connected to stars, planets, and ET intelligence) have planted spiritual deity experiences around and within the planet that act as "pay to contact" gods. This experience takes place deep within the Earth and is activated by the connection of a crypto wallet. Budai-in-a-Box delivers a deep spiritual message to it's 4 current observers.

Alternative Therapeutics :)

Sometimes what works for you may not work for others. Some of the things that make you feel good may not be something that others can understand. Whatever it is, as long as it isn't endangering the innocent, don't feel weird by it. Just feel good.

The DAO Personified

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization is a very important element to the wonderful world of decentralized apps. If the DAO were an entity, what would it look like? I imagine it as this head made up of many individuals. It's intelligent and functions at a high level. Connect your wallet and receive some of it's treasures! This piece is an MP4 video with original audio and a computerized voice telling you what it is you are witnessing. 

Welcome to My Wallet

This is a digital experience piece that features what I imagine a crypto wallet would look like if it were a bull run. If it weren't a bull run, it would probably be full of turds and dusty old pieces of gold.

Use Your Head

Rule #1 in life: Use Your Head. We all have one, and it contains a powerful thing called a BRAiN that has the ability to control so many things. Just think about it. A typical healthy human can breathe, blink, process food, and get through every day life without really thinking about it. Our minds are indeed spectacular, but for some reason there is a variety of human who refuse to slow down and actually USE it, vs letting it run in chaotic auto-pilot. Common sense isn't so common and making complex decisions is often avoided. Take your time before you decide your next step. USE YOUR BRAIN to it's full potential and evolve.


This Animation is the music video for Peter Piek's song 'Bent' that's about someone who only feels loved by their lover when that lover is high on drugs. The main character represents that drug-induced lover.


Calm your virtual rage. We're just USERNAMES micromanaged and disciplined by bots. Your digital argument only goes so far. Trade your frowny face for a smile and reply, "IGNORANT CUNT!" then proceed with your real life.

Cyber Box: Cyborg Catwalk

The Cyber Box was inspired by classic peep show machines from the 1920's and 30's. To view this show, you must enter ONE crypto token.

There's a special place in my heart for carnival machines, arcade games, and animatronics. 

Visual Gallery