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Welcome to House of Blackmoore, a visionary Digital Art House brought to life by the artistic endeavors and creative prowess of Craig Blackmoore. As the sole artist behind this digital sanctuary, I am driven by a singular mission - to weave seamless connections between the physical and digital realms, curating captivating experiences that infuse technology with novelty and enjoyment.

In my diverse artistic journey, I proudly wear many hats - a Digital Artist, Technology Enthusiast, Musician, Gemologist, and Metaverse Developer. My insatiable passion lies in crafting multi-sensory wonders that enrich our collective reality. The boundless realm of digital art is my canvas, and I relish in exploring various mediums, constantly experimenting with novel techniques to bring my visions to life.

Drawing from a vast array of tools and methods, my creative process knows no boundaries. From the timeless art of hand drawing to the immersive world of 3D rendering, from harnessing the power of math-based generators to incorporating elements of coding, XR, AI, and beyond, I blend these elements harmoniously to craft unique and awe-inspiring masterpieces.

At House of Blackmoore, innovation meets imagination, as I strive to push the boundaries of what is possible in the digital realm. My artistic creations are not confined to any singular form; rather, they transcend conventional expectations, inviting you to embark on an extraordinary journey where technology and creativity intertwine.

Thank you for joining me on this captivating expedition through the world of digital art. Together, let us celebrate the wonders of technology and artistry, as we venture into uncharted territories of imagination and creativity. Step into House of Blackmoore, and prepare to be enchanted by the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

Who is Craig Blackmoore?

Craig Blackmoore is a multi-talented artist, animator, glitch artist, photographer, videographer, music producer, and audio engineer. His diverse skill set is a culmination of independent experience and formal education, having graduated from the Digital Media Arts Program at Specs Howard School of Media Arts and the Audio Engineering Program at the Art Institute of Washington DC. Passionate about the art of entertainment, Craig dedicates himself to crafting mesmerizing and captivating artistic creations that leave a lasting impression on his audience. With an unwavering commitment to his craft, Craig Blackmoore continues to push the boundaries of creativity, delighting and inspiring others with his unique and immersive creations.

Blackmoore is a prolific artist and creative powerhouse, having collaborated with prestigious brands and entities such as Xfinity, Live Nation, Atlantic Records, Geometric Lullaby Records, Lighthouse Immersive Art Space, St Andrews Hall, Super Rare, and numerous web 3 projects on Ethereum, Tezos, and Binance Blockchains.

Past Exhibitions, Residencies, and Live Art Experiences


DAMNED VIII @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI 



DIRTY SHOW 17 @ Russel Industrial Center - Detroit MI 

//ENTER. @ Jam Handy - Detroit MI 


MUSEUM OF VIRTUAL ART @ nicholaszhu.com/mova.html

ANIMAL PARTY @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI

LAYERS @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI 


DIRTY SHOW 18 @ Russel Industrial Center - Detroit MI

MUSEUM OF VIRTUAL ART II @ parallaxvisions.itch.io

BLOCKED ART @ blockedart.com

SUBREALITY @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI

SunnySide @ www.sunnyside.house 

COALESCENSE @ Spaulding Court - Detroit MI 

DAMNED X @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI 


DEARBORN GALLERY RALLY @ City Hall ArtSpace Lofts - Dearborn

HARMONY: The Cosmic Connection @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI

Good Do-Up Art Collective @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI 

Monster Drawing Rally @ Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit - Detroit MI

Future Dream Detroit @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI


The FUNKtion @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit MI


Monster Drawing Rally @ Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit - Detroit MI

COVID-19 #LOCKDOWNEXHIBITION @ Instagram - Worldwide

BLACK ROCK CITY vr - IDEATE (Virtual Burning Man) @ AltSpace

Inquiry Inc.[2019/20]: #pivilion_dot_net @ The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale

Burning Voxels @ Tokyo Crypto Hub / NFT.BLACK / - CryptoVoxel

Lightbox Live Presents: CREATIVE CODE ART FESTIVAL @ Lightbox New York, NY

Beyond Provenance: Black Speculative Futures on the Blockchain @ CryptoVoxel


GRAVITY Skate Competition @ Geary Park - Ferndale MI

Lighthouse Immersive Artist in Residence  @ Lighthouse Art Space - Detroit, MI

Glitch Art is Dead @ Granite Area Arts Council - Granite Falls, MN

DARTT Fest @ Bamboo - Royal Oak, MI


Origraffes Sticker Expo - Brazil

The Dirty Show 23 @ Russel Industrial Center - Detroit, MI

Festival de Colantes - Uberlandia, Brazil

Bucharest Sticker Fest @ Bucharest, Romania

Ides of March: Human vs AI @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit, MI

GRAVITY Skate Competition Art Fair @ Geary Park - Ferndale MI

Zagreb Street Art Festival @ Zagreb, Croatia

Royal Oak Art Walk: Noir Leather featured Artist @ Noir Leather - Royal Oak, MI

Teresa Lousias Memorial Juried Photography Exhibition - Official Juror @ Rotunda Gallery - Dearborn, MI

Five & Below Art Show @ Bamboo - Royal Oak, MI

The Macabre Show @ River's Edge Gallery - Wyandotte MI

Glitch.Art.Br: International Online Glitch Art Exhibition @ glitch.art.br

Noir Leather 40th Anniversary Event Live Painter @ Noir Leather - Royal Oak, MI



TEAD One : Artist in Residence @ Fishnet Studios - Dearborn, MI (Jan - Mar 2024)

Sharing Space Through Art: Dearborn Artist Collectives @ Padzieski Gallery - Dearborn, MI

The Dirty Show 24 @ Russel Industrial Center - Detroit, MI

The Dirty Show After Party: Live Painting @ Noir Leather - Royal Oak, MI

Spaceship Earth Presents: Cosmic Ceremony @ Tangent Gallery - Detroit, MI

Body Paint Party presented by Uta Brauser @ Packard Art House, Detroit MI

Arty Party @ Ford Community & Performing Arts Center - Dearborn, MI

Priority Slaps @ Vomanos - Detroit, MI

YardWorks Festival @ Yard Life Gallery - Glasgow, Scotland

Erotixism Vol. 2: Curated by Nixie Elixir @ Noir Leather - Royal Oak, MI

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