A Step Beyond Photography

Glitch art is a contemporary art form that embraces digital or analog errors, bugs, and imperfections in electronic or digital media to create visually striking and often abstract pieces. Glitches can occur in various media types, including images, videos, audio, and software, due to technical malfunctions, data corruption, or intentional manipulation.

I deliberately exploit these errors and malfunctions mixed with my own photography and digital renderings to craft visually captivating and unique pieces.

Take a look at some of my experiments.

Oddity OS

The Operating System of your Daymares

Inspired by old Windows operating systems of the past and all of their beautiful flaws.


An experiment on isolated and posed nude figures.

The Macabre Show

3 Pieces I made for an exhibition at River's Edge Gallery called The Macabre Show.


Glitched Motion Pictures

The Trance



Baptized in Light


Various glitched photographs. Signed prints available upon request.

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