A Step Beyond Photography

Glitch art is a contemporary art form that embraces digital or analog errors, bugs, and imperfections in electronic or digital media to create visually striking and often abstract pieces. Glitches can occur in various media types, including images, videos, audio, and software, due to technical malfunctions, data corruption, or intentional manipulation.

I deliberately exploit these errors and malfunctions mixed with my own photography and digital renderings to craft visually captivating and unique pieces.

Take a look at some of my experiments.

Glitch Topography Waves Tests

I've been experimenting with crafting abstract, lively glitch patterns and textured videos, and the result is quite captivating. The textures looked stunning on a CRT screen, but I'm convinced they would be even more striking when projected onto the surface of a model or a moving human subject.


With this project I will be projecting visuals on moving subjects and recording the results. Observe how the textures wrap around the subject's body and how everything is framed by shadows.

Topography Test One with glitches projected onto Laura.

Oddity OS

The Operating System of your Daymares

Inspired by old Windows operating systems of the past and all of their beautiful flaws.


An experiment on isolated and posed nude figures.

Working with Nude Models

Capturing boudoir and working with nude models in my glitch art is a profound passion for me. The inherent beauty of the human body — its natural curves, diverse skin tones, tattoos, and piercings — has always captivated and inspired me, especially when paired with the often rugged edges of digital distortion. I view the human elements as genuine works of art, echoing the respect and empowerment they deserve. My inspiration for nudity is drawn from ancient sculptures, timeless paintings, and the revered nude representations of deities.

Incorporating a subtle essence of eroticism and sensuality into my art is intentional, reflecting a nuanced perspective on what's often perceived as the 'forbidden fruit' in public perception. Historically, such intimate portrayals were shrouded in secrecy, making them rare glimpses into private realms. By intertwining this element, I aim to evoke deeper emotions and challenge conventional boundaries, inviting viewers to appreciate the complexity and allure of the human experience.

The Macabre Show

3 Pieces I made for an exhibition at River's Edge Gallery called The Macabre Show that took place October 2023.


Glitched Motion Pictures

Quantum Stroll

The Trance


Groovy Eye


Baptized in Light




Various glitched photographs. Signed prints available upon request.

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