Blackmoore's TWO-D Token Vault

Update: The TWO-D Token Vault was a metaverse experiment done by Craig Blackmoore in 2021 where you can explore a VR gallery featuring Blackmoore's artwork. The vault was tied to a blockchain token collector's game that is no longer active however the virtual gallery is still open for exploration.

Blackmoore's TWO-D Token Vault opens October 4th 2021!


For me 2021 has been a year of exploration, travel, connection, and of course creative experimentation. I tried to stray away from my usual means of creation and work on things that I've either never done before or haven't done in a long time. I disconnected from my personal machine that I use to create animations and complex glitch art and instead invested in a good tablet that I can take with me on adventures. It didn't have anywhere near the rendering power of my original machine so instead of focusing on 3D, I used a pen and created things in 2D. As a kid I would always draw. People, comics, and weird doodles were what I liked drawing the most. It feels great to reconnect with that part of my brain in a new way; with pen and screen vs pen and paper.

The TWO-D Token Vault

is one of the first locations of the House of Blackmoore GiGAverse. A Large amount of the drawings I do in 2021 will be placed in this vault and made available as rare NFTs that a lucky few may add to their art collection. Each drawing is based off of past photos I've taken, people or characters that I admire, elements of my fictional world, or random deities from real and fake religions.


When the vault is opened, the public will be able to browse the vault. The first tokens will be minted to based on the Tezos blockchain. These will all be 1/1 tokens. The tokens will be released one at a time throughout the week.

Drop Schedule

October 4th the Vault Opens to the public and the first NFT is minted.

The second NFT will mint Oct 6th and the third will mint Oct 8th.


Oct 11th - Token Drop

Oct 12th - Token Drop

Oct 14th - Token Drop

Tokens will continue to drop until the vault is completely tokenized.


After the all Art Tokens are Minted,

the final token will be a tangible item that will allow a few loyal collectors the ability to have this vault in their physical possession forever.


To stay updated on the progress of this project, follow me on Twitter @sirblackmoore.


Thanks a ton.


Important things to note about Blackmoore NFTs.


  • Each piece was made by a single person, Craig Blackmoore, and not a hired designer.

  • These tokens are not released with the idea of being immediately flipped for a profit. They are artworks being added to the metaverse for collectors, designers, and virtual architects to enjoy and use in their virtual spaces. You can absolutely resell them for a profit, but that isn't their primary reason for existence.

  • I don't mint or release art often, so my tokens are rare and are expected to raise in value overtime.

  • Purchasing my NFT art gives the collector no intellectual property rights, commercial rights, or publishing licenses for the artwork.

  • If you purchase an NFT attached to a tangible item then it is your responsibility to contact me with shipping information. I will make limited attempts to reach you.



The software used to draw the works in my TWO-D vault is free and open source. It's called Krita and it's available on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android!