Music & Audio

Music has been my passion since childhood, as I wrote lyrics and played melodies on tape as a young child. However, it wasn't until 2008 that I truly stepped into the world of music production and engineering. From that point onwards, I embarked on a creative odyssey, producing my own hip-hop mixtapes, crafting instrumental projects, and collaborating on music ventures for friends while pursuing my studies in Audio Engineering.

The years between 2011 and 2018 witnessed a flourishing of my musical endeavors, with an ever-expanding repertoire of songs, genres, and styles. My signature style blends meditative drum rhythms with captivating glitch elements, creating a truly unique and immersive musical experience. Beyond my personal creations, I've had the privilege of engineering for a diverse range of musicians and composing scores for videos and independent projects.

Latest Release : Brutal Beats

Introducing "Brutal Beats," a captivating compilation beat tape that stands as a testament to a decade of my artistic journey. This release, my first official cassette offering, showcases an array of beats meticulously crafted over the years. From the raw and untamed energy of early creations to the refined and immersive rhythms of recent endeavors, "Brutal Beats" promises an unparalleled musical experience. Available both in the nostalgic charm of cassette format and the convenience of digital streaming on Bandcamp, this compilation invites you to join me on an unforgettable sonic expedition through the heart and soul of my creative evolution.

It's All a Game (2018)

This album is an adventurous soundtrack that matches the though patterns I go through to maintain sanity in a disgusting society. Life is a game of Chess. It takes practice, skill, and mastery to stay afloat. It takes the hunger and drive to do more to succeed.


This album is one of my personal favorites. It's a psychedelic adventure filled with head-rockin' beats. When making this project I was deeply pondering my human existence.

Happy Accidents (2012/2013)

This project is a psychedelic glitch dnb album that's inspired by apocalyptic chaos and anxiety about a future ran by psychopaths that use technology for control and manipulation.