Welcome to the World of 23

Welcome to my ever-evolving realm known as the World of 23. Step into this art universe-in-progress, where digital illustrations, comics, 2D animations, vibrant stickers, and captivating poster art come to life. Embracing the essence of chaos, this project draws inspiration from both its enchanting and sometimes less-than-pleasant aspects.

As I continue to shape this creative endeavor, you're invited to witness the progress and explore what I've crafted thus far. This page will be a portfolio and hub of constant updates, ensuring you remain in the loop.


A Chaotic Fairy tale

Prsn23 (pronounced Person 23) is my art brand and creative alias that provides a look into a psychedelic, melodic, and propaganda-filled wasteland loosely based on reality. Limited edition art products are created and made available for your collection and enjoyment! Some of the art in the 23 universe may be deemed NSFW, so think twice before purchasing certain prints of things as a gift for your coworkers.

Goal and Inspiration

As a 90's kid I always loved cartoons and weird animations that blessed the television airwaves in the 90s. Some of my favorite animations were those weird shorts that came on in between TV shows or animation compilation shows that featured short animations from independent animators and small studios. I love rough lines and rough experimental animation styles. My aim with Prsn23 art is to create an extensive array of art posters, stickers, unique paintings, books, and cartoons that radiate positive vibes and offer solid entertainment.

Prsn23 Illustration Gallery

(some images may be deemed not safe for the workplace)