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Lexi Nicole Urban Rose: Interview and Photo set


Working with Lexi was an awesome experience. She arrived full of optimistic and creative energy and proceeded to slay our session. Her posing was natural and needed very little (if any) critique or adjustment. Throughout the shoot she expressed quite a bit about her drive, passion, and willingness to create which caused me to reflect on, and appreciate, all of the creative energy flowing through the arteries of Detroit.

Check out this brief interview to get better acquainted with Lexi.

So Lexi, how long have you been modeling and what made you want to get into it?

I have been modeling with others for about six years now, but have been creating images for about nine. My step dad bought me a Canon for Christmas as a teenager and that was the beginning! I started modeling as my own photographer; experimenting with my own unique, amateur photo shoots. It was a great way to express myself and get my creativity out. After posting my photos and getting my name out there, I was approached by local photographers looking to collaborate when I turned 18. I have been in love with modeling since. Creating art, meeting new people, going new places, and being involved in unique, novel experiences is what keeps me going and keeps me thriving! Modeling has endless opportunities that vary greatly and it keeps me on my toes.

What's your favorite kind of modeling? Is there any kind you wish to try?

(Obviously) I do a lot of boudoir, but my favorite shoots would have to be the more dark and creepy shoots. I love horror based shoots or shoots that make the audience intrigued, but uncomfortable. I recently did a “plastic surgery” shoot and it was a blast. The grimier and weirder, the better.

Do you have any advice for new models or people interested in giving modeling a try?

Never do anything that makes you uncomfortable and only work with people who are quality. It’s important to always feel comfortable with who you are shooting with or it’s just not worth it. If someone pressures you to do something you do not want to do, don’t do it! You should never be uncomfortable. Modeling is supposed to be a mutually beautiful way to create art and express yourselves; there’s no time for creeps in the industry.

What do you do for a living other than modeling, or is modeling your full time gig?

I am a promotional model, a freelance model, and I also work in the laboratory at Beaumont. I have been in love with the medical field since I was young and my compassion for others makes it a great fit for me. Who says you cannot help others and make pretty, bad ass art?!

Are you treated differently by family and old friends because of your public image? Do people assume things about you because of the kind of work you do?

Yes, I pose nude and it is SO empowering. However, the BIGGEST struggle with the nude modeling is definitely the assumptions of others. Many assume that because I am comfortable with my body and being nude around others that I am very promiscuous. This is not the case at all. I find the human body beautiful and natural and there is no reason to hide it. I could argue this to others until I’m blue in the face and it won’t change their mind, but the modeling industry as a whole is changing minds I believe. Nudity is not and never has been a synonym for promiscuous. Nudity does, however, empower women everywhere to learn to love their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin.

Would you say that modeling helped you gain confidence and self esteem?

Modeling definitely helped my self esteem; especially promotional modeling. Nothing will diminish your self consciousness better than having to be the center of attention as a promo model! It taught me that people are not scary and it definitely made me way more outgoing. As an adult in my twenties I’m definitely the most outgoing and goofy [in public] that I’ve ever been. I can basically walk up to anyone and start a conversation and it will feel natural. I am so thankful and forever grateful that I chose to become a promotional model. The awesome friends you meet doing it too is a definite added bonus!

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