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Monday Dose of NFT's | feat. Art from Rarible and NFTshowroom

It's Monday and I'm inspired!

Last night I was up late exploring the crypto metaverse and came across a stack of NFT creations that gave me a dose of something potent! I'm an NFT artist but I also have a growing collection of NFT's created by other artists! This post isn't necessarily to highlight my personal collection (I'll tell you about that some other time), but here are a 7 pieces that I would definitely collect if I were a bit of art shopping!

These 7 pieces come from 7 different artists and 2 different NFT platforms on 2 different blockchains: Rarible on Ethereum and NFTshowroom on HIVE. They are in no particular order. The first set of NFT's are from Rarible.

First up!

Glitch by Joey Baker

This piece is bad ass on a variety of levels. I love the variety of textures and patterns. It takes a special kind of mind to spend time adding so many details. The headdress, wings under the eyes, painted dragon skull, the serpent's skin! I wish I could feel this piece with my hands! It's an incredible piece. Check it out on Rarible by clicking the image or the title.


Crime Fighter (Pink) by Trym_Ruud

This is a really fun piece! The perfect idea for an urban cyberpunk super hero that wouldn't be cliché or any bit of boring. Look at it! Modern urban combat armor, funky little decals on the visor. Vibrant nails, a watermelon keychain, hello kitty grenade, and the soft pink! It would suck to be the person who get's their ass kicked by something so fun looking. Check it out on Rarible by clicking the image or the title.


Aquarium by Daniella Doodle

This piece caught my eye immediately! This color pallet is so dream inducing! The artist, Daniella, stated that this was inspired by memories of her mother taking her to the Aquarium when she was a kid. I can't remeber any specific aquariums from my childhood, but this piece still feels super nostalgic. It reminds me of art I use to see in my school literature books , or the short cartoons I would see in between shows on TV. It's full of "childhood wonder" and I can feel it. Check this piece out on Rarible by clicking the image or the title.


The Keeper by CJIRV

This piece is just insane. I'm a sucker for things that are deity-like and I feel like this thing is a giant android deity of some sort. I'm not exactly sure what's happening in this image but that adds to the deity identity as gods tend to work in ways that the average human can't understand. I love the detail in the being's body and the rings surrounding it. Very solid cyberdellic piece! Check this piece out on Rarible by clicking the image or the title.


Next we're looking at art from NFTshowroom!

Chilling with a Lion by Medinesaan

This piece is definitely a vibe. She's just chilling on a window sill with a sleeping lion smoking a J in a woodland home. I love seeing the pencil strokes and all of the peaceful details. This scene is the definition of serenity. I also feel a bit of literary nostalgia here. I could imagine seeing this illustration tucked away in the pages of a good book. Check this piece out on NFTshowroom by clicking the image or title.


Boy Alone by Portugalcoin

This is one eerie creation with a chilling aura to it. The creator said this that this is a portrait of a boy with no family living in a community of abandoned children. He's an orphan who seems to have no sense of identity or vision. It's almost haunting! The art style, which appears to be stippling, completely sets the tone for how alone this boy is. He's practically a ghost, drifting away into a void of white. I love this piece and actually purchased a copy for my collection. Check this piece out on NFTshowroom by clicking the image or title.


Reach Out to the Ghost II by Arbarabezina

This creation is another eerily beautiful scene. It's labeled as a photomanipulation and that's pretty mind blowing, because I originally thought it was a painting. The skull with the shroud draped over it is so calm. It feels like death. I absolutely love the textures and shades of blue and grey used throughout this piece. It's a simple, cold, and quiet scene. Check this piece out on NFTshowroom by clicking the image or title.


These pieces are inspiring from the ways they were created to the technology that they're being sold on. Check these artists out and explore these 2 awesome platforms. I'm going to drop these doses every week or so, so stay tuned.

Check out my NFT's and shoot me a follow on Rarible and Twitter. If you want me to check out your work, @ me on twitter!

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