Visual DREAMAGANDA Gallery

DREAMAGANDA is Dream Induced Propaganda that both warns us of our pending doom and congratulates us for our using our advanced intelligence in a pretty sad but impressive way. Humans, the only lifeform that has the ability to create pleasureful vibrant worlds, heal the sick, and save every species from evil. Instead we use it to modify ourselves and compete in every way. Happiness is just a purchase away and everyone wants to 1up eachother.  DREAMAGANDA shows us the beauty that we are, we have, we create

in a duet with the destruction that we are, we have, and we create. 

Not saying that destruction is bad... we all need a little bit of that from time to time.


This is a digital experience piece that features what I imagine a crypto wallet would look like if it were a physical space.

NFT Available!

Rule 1 to life: USE YoUR HEAD

We all have one, and it contains a powerful thing called a BRAiN that has the ability to control so many things. Just think about it. A typical healthy human can breathe, blink, process food, and get through every day life without really thinking about it. Our minds are indeed spectacular, but for some reason there is a variety of human who refuse to slow down and actually USE it, vs letting it run involuntarily. Common sense isn't so common and making complex decisions is often avoided. Take your time before you decide your next step. USE YOUR BRAIN to it's full potential and evolve.

When all the souls sacrificed for gold come back to collect what's owed to them, where will you be?  That's right ladies, gentlemen, or whatever the fuck you are. All of your seemingly precious things will soon comeback to haunt you. Whether or not it's by the form of gaining animation and brutally murdering you, or depleting in value leaving you with less than you spent. 

Calm your virtual rage. We're just USERNAMES micromanaged and disciplined by bots. Your digital argument only goes so far. Trade your frowny face for a smile and reply, "IGNORANT CUNT!" then proceed with your real life.

Visual Gallery

This is a gallery featuring some of my digital still portraits and scenes. They were all created in a variety of ways that utilize many methods of digital manipulation, experimentation, and rendering. 

These images are in no particular order and each have a caption containing a random thought associated with the theme of the image, or an idea that inspired the creation of the image.

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